Sermon Library (Page 24)

Sermon Library (Page 24)

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Formed by Prayer

Worship Guide Printed Sermon Recently a series of experiments were conducted at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville to evaluate the ability of people to be quiet and alone with their thoughts. One experiment involved sitting: alone in a room with access to a device to jolt them with an electric shock from a 9-volt battery. All had previously given themselves a test shock as part of the experiment so they wouldn’t choose it out of curiosity. They deemed it…

Formed by Word

Worship Guide Printed Sermon As we continue in our summer series, “Formed Into Christ,” today’s topic is “Formed By Word.” We take the Word seriously. We identify ourselves as a Bible Church: not such-and-such Baptist Church, though we do believe baptism is for believers, nor Presbyterian Church, though leadership rests within the eldership, nor even Community Church, though we stress the value of community. We are Peninsula Bible Church, and PBC has been such for 65 years, whether in Palo…