Welcome to PBCC Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry at PBCC exists to provide a place where men can both come to know Jesus as Lord and also learn how God works in their daily lives as they are transformed through the work of the Spirit. This is done by offering a variety of activities including Bible Studies, Small Groups, and Retreats. Our goal is to see men “grow in wisdom and stature,” and to see this growth manifest itself in the way men relate to God and bear His image in their service to their families, workplace, community and the world. Contact Shawn Reese for more info.

Our Men’s Bible Studies are studying the book of Isaiah this year. The groups will began the week of September 11.

Mondays 7:30pm-9pmZoomTim Paaske
Mondays 7:30pm-9pmPBCC – LibraryDave Jensen
Tuesdays6:30am-7:45amPBCC – 102Shawn Reese
Tuesdays6:30am-8amPBCC – 101Chris Donatelli
Tuesdays6:30am-8amPBCC – 203Tod Irwin
Tuesdays12 noon-1pmFHTom Shou/Jerry Tu
Thursday7:30-9pmZoomHoward Kuizinga

Men’s Retreat 2022

Our speaker this year was Steve Zeisler.  Steve is now retired after serving many years as pastor at PBC Palo Alto.  For this retreat, Steve brought the story of Abraham alive, sharing great wisdom from the story that began the great story.

The four talks were called:

  1. “I Will Make Your Name Great” Audio
  2. “Partners for Life” Audio
  3. “Eden or Egypt” Audio
  4. “The Fear of the Lord” Audio

Q and A – Part 1
Q and A – Part 2

Here are the top 10 “tweets” from Steve’s talks:

  1. Where we are now is the place where he wants to make us men of faith
  2. Healthiest families are ones who are open to invite others in.
  3. God intends to give us an identity from him.
  4. The Abraham story is for husbands who aren’t good enough.  He’s a guy just like us!
  5. How do we become men of faith?  By failing and repenting and by God not letting us go.
  6. God takes care of all of us no matter what our story is (just like he did with Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac).
  7. We can all be good for one another if we all commit to honesty
  8. Abraham and Sarah never gave up!
  9. Sin cannot be cured.  It must be killed.
  10. You can always turn around!

Past retreats are listed on the Men’s Retreat Page under Archived Teachings.