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Listening to Jesus Pray For Us #2

John 17 This Sunday, we return to John 17 for the second of four Sundays. This is some of the most sacred space in all of the universe as we listen to Jesus, the Son of God, open his heart to God the Father. Here, the incarnate God prays to God! It is indeed sacred space! And, as we did last Sunday, we will once again listen to Jesus pray while asking the question, “What does Jesus desire?” Join us this Sunday as we continue our exploration of this magnificent text.

Listening to Jesus Pray For Us #1

John 17 This Sunday, we will enter back into the Gospel of John, in the ever-growing shadow of the cross. We will spend the next four Sundays listening to Jesus pray for us in John 17. This chapter has been given many names through the years from “The High Priestly Prayer” to “The Holy of Holies” to “The Conversation at the Center of the Universe.” Regardless of what we call it, it is this text where we hear the deepest desires of Jesus’ heart, prayed the night before he goes to the cross. This is indeed holy ground. Join us this Sunday as we begin our exploration of this magnificent text.

Temple of Doom or Glory?

Ephesians 2:13-22 Despite the challenges that the church has faced over the centuries, it has survived since its inception on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out on all those who became followers of Jesus. Today there are many challenges that face churches and church leaders. Even though people still seek a spiritual life, they are becoming disillusioned with the church and organized religion. So how can the church overcome these difficulties and continue to be what God intended?

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