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Well Done and Carry On

Many of us can remember favorite teachers from childhood. A good teacher congratulates students for progress made but also challenges and inspires to further progress. After last week’s harsh warning (6:4-8), the writer of Hebrews now reassures his readers of their progress, and challenges them to keep on.

Keep Faithful and Carry On

We return to Hebrews for the next four weeks, continuing our series Christ Before Us. We begin with one of the most difficult texts in the entire New Testament. Is it possible to lose your salvation? Many bring their theological convictions to this text, be they Calivinist or Arminian. But how might we read it in the context of the book of Hebrews, which is presented as a “word of exhortation”?

Participation in God’s Work

We’ve spent four out of the first five Sundays of 2024 planting our feet in our PBCC Family Values, the commitments we believe in and hold ourselves to as followers of Jesus Christ. We have one more left to explore: “Participation in God’s Work”. Join us as we reflect on how participating in God’s work might just win us the favor of the world.

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