Prayer Requests

Background Check

Child Safety: Procedures have been established at PBCC to protect our children from any form of abuse. Everyone who works with our children are screened and trained for the protection of the children on our campus. PBCC Youth Ministry Application: All volunteers and staff working with minors at PBCC need to complete a Ministry Application and agree to a background check. The application and background check is part of PBCC’s child safety program.  We use the services of Protect My…

Volunteer Drivers

PBCC Transportation: The goal of the various aspects of the PBCC transportation guidelines is to protect those participating in church activities carried out away from the church campus. We are selective in the designation of persons authorized to drive personal or church-owned vehicles for church-sponsored activities. We also require that drivers operate in accordance with our expectations, and that vehicles are safe and properly maintained and licensed. Vehicle Request & Vehicle Use Forms: Please use the PBCC Vehicle Request form (active pdf) or…

Permission Forms

Permission Forms for Youth Activities Standard Youth Permission Form Active PDF version of the Youth Permission Form with optional Digital Signature feature.

Reimbursement Requests

Check Request Form For requesting reimbursement (up to 6 lines) or to request checks for other purposes.  Please submit to your shepherding pastor for approval along with your original receipts.Check Request Form (Download Excel version)Check Request Form (PDF printable version) Ministry Reimbursement Request Form For requesting reimbursement of Ministry Expenses (up to 25 lines).  Please submit to your shepherding pastor for approval along with your original receipts.Ministry Reimbursement Request Form (Download Excel version)Ministry Reimbursement Request Form (PDF printable version)