Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer Drivers

PBCC Transportation: The goal of the various aspects of the PBCC transportation guidelines is to protect those participating in church activities carried out away from the church campus. We are selective in the designation of persons authorized to drive personal or church-owned vehicles for church-sponsored activities. We also require that drivers operate in accordance with our expectations, and that vehicles are safe and properly maintained and licensed.

Vehicle Request & Vehicle Use Forms: Please use the PBCC Vehicle Request form (active pdf) or download and print paper PDF to request use of a PBCC vehicle. This form should be submitted to the Facilities Manager. Use one form per vehicle.
The Vehicle Use form is to be filled out for every trip made in a PBCC vehicle, and turned in when the keys are returned. These forms are available in each vehicle.

PBCC Driver Application (PDF): PBCC Driver Application Form is for all PBCC employees and volunteers who will drive PBCC vehicles and/or their own or other private vehicles for PBCC activities and ministries. Only drivers who have been approved as “Church Drivers” are permitted to drive PBCC vehicles and vehicles loaned to PBCC, and only drivers who have been approved as “Volunteer Drivers” are permitted to transport minors in their own vehicles for PBCC ministries and activities.
Before filling out the application form, please read PBCC Driver Expectation and view the video, “The Road to Safer Transportation”. Thanks!
(If you have difficulty viewing the video, try updating your browser and/or Flash driver. A CD copy is available at the office to borrow or view.)
Please forward completed application form to the Business Administrator at the PBCC office.
A PBCC Driver Application must be submitted for each calendar year.

PBCC Driver Expectations (PDF): The PBCC Driver Expectations Document lists expectations and guidelines for those driving PBCC and private vehicles for church activities.

Single Use Driver Form (PDF): The Single Use Driver Form may be used when a need arises for a volunteer to drive a personal vehicle to transport minors when the time frame precludes the normal application process and/or if the driver will most likely only drive for a single youth event. The completed form should be given to the ministry leader to review and to forward form to the Business Administrator.

Vehicle Loan Form (PDF): From time to time folks in the congregation allow PBCC to use their vehicles for PBCC activities. The Vehicle Loan Form needs to be completed by each person loaning a vehicle for PBCC activities.
Please forward form to the Business Administrator.