Visual Arts Ministry

Visual Arts Ministry

Art and artists have a place in the life and worship of the Christian community.  Our God is a creative God who made physical matter with substance, function, and beauty.  He gave man the ability to be creative, honoring Him with the objects of beauty we make.  Art that reflects truths about our Lord and our faith in physical form, gives us tangible encouragement, help us focus on and trust in what we cannot see, and allows us to expand on our understanding of Biblical truth.

The Visual Arts Ministry seeks to develop a community within PBCC of folks who make and/or care about the visual arts, and through that community to bring the visual arts into the life and worship of the whole PBCC Body.

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Upcoming VAM Events

Art in the Auditorium

NEW CALL FOR ART:  The Names of Jesus; November 21, 2021 – January 9, 2022

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas, we celebrate the coming to earth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Throughout the Bible, Jesus is referred to by many titles and names that help us understand who He is, His life, His Lordship, and what He came to do. You are invited to create artwork inspired by your own study of and reflection on His titles and names and submit it for inclusion in the exhibit, The Names of Jesus.  There is no minimum age for this Call; PBCC CHILDREN OF ALL AGES are invited to join PBCC HIGH SCHOOLERS AND ADULTS in submitting art for this exhibit. 

More information about this Call for Art including the Artist Agreement can be read and/or downloaded here.  Below is the Artist Agreement form for online submissions.

All artwork must remain in the Exhibit through the end of the Exhibit on January 9, 2021. Works that are not for sale will be designated as such. All sales will be handled directly by the artist; interested people will be instructed to contact the artist using his/her contact information that will be listed in the brochure.
h" x w" x d" including frame
h" x w" x d" including frame
h" x w" x d" including frame
I agree to exhibit the artwork listed above in the Names of Jesus Exhibit as described above. I hereby release Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino (PBCC), all others affiliated with PBCC and all individuals involved in the preparation of and installation of this Exhibit from liability due to loss or damage of my artwork. I understand that I am solely responsible to provide my own insurance for my artwork, from the date of drop-off until the date of pick-up of that artwork. I grant PBCC the right to photograph my artwork and to include those photographs and any provided by myself, in the PBCC eNewsletter, in the Arts in the Auditorium History Scrapbook, and in group photos posted on the PBCC website.
I grant PBCC the right to photograph my art work and to include those photographs and any provided by myself in the password-protected PBCC Visual Arts Ministry Image Library that will be made available to a limited set of people (such as PBCC pastors) to use in support of their teaching and preaching ministries. For more information, refer to the contacts listed on page 1 of the Call for Art.


Portraits by Nancy Woodward  

Out of His Heart Will Flow Rivers of Living Water, Liquid Acrylic Flow Paintings by Tanya Khachiyan

Where to Find Organizations and Artists who Address Art & Christianity
Where to See Art Locally and Online


NEXT SCHEDULED WORKSHOP: No workshops are currently scheduled; they will resume when it is safe to do so.

General Workshop Information

April 2020 Workshop – The Passion of Jesus in Art: An Illustrated Talk by Bernard Bell:  Slides of the Artwork Discussed, Handout, Video of the Presentation

July 2020 Workshop – Sea Glass Wind Chime:  Introduction and 4-Part Demonstration Videos 

August 2020 Workshop – Collage with a Message:   2-Part Demonstration Videos 

Workshops & Classes Offered Online by Other Sources

Where to Find Art & Craft Supplies

Visual Arts Fellowship 

The Visual Arts Fellowship is a group of folks interested in the Visual Arts who gather in a casual setting encouraging and supporting one another as they endeavor to weave together their interests in art and their Christian faith.  A focus of each meeting is enjoying and discussing the work brought by the artists and craftspeople present.  

The  date and time of the next gathering: TBA

For more information, contact Nancy.

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If you wish to receive the monthly Visual Arts Ministry newsletter, please contact Marilyn and indicate your desire to be put on the VAM email list.