Sermons by Becca Singley

Sermons by Becca Singley

Understanding our Belonging

Luke 15:11-32 (NIV) What does it mean to belong? A question we all can wrestle with in different seasons of life, particularly as we think about belonging to the family of God. This Sunday we’ll be talking about this question as we study the parable of the Prodigal Son, in the hopes that we might better understand our part in the family of God.

To Know and Trust God

Psalm 23 To live a life following Jesus, we have to know and trust Him. Join us this Sunday as we walk through Psalm 23, reminding ourselves of who our God is as our shepherd, how he walks with us through every season of life, and why we should put our trust in him.

Prince of Peace

Isa 9:6 Join us on this final Sunday of Advent as we discover who is our Prince of Peace. We are often at odds with God and the world around us, even ourselves, and we need peace. More than that, we need the one who makes all things right, bringing peace into our lives both now and for all eternity.