Sermons by Eugene Kwon (Page 3)

Sermons by Eugene Kwon (Page 3)

The Impact of Christ

Col 1:3-8 What do Christ and a 66 million-year-old, dinosaur-killing asteroid have in common? More than you might think! The astrophysics continues into the second week of our study of Paul’s letter to the Colossians as we take a look at Colossians 1:3-8 and consider “the Impact of Christ”. Massive things make an impact; what impact does Christ make on our lives?

The Gravity of Christ

Col 1:1-2 Despite completing yet another pass around the Sun, the world in 2021 felt more off-center than ever. Maybe we’re ready to get off this ride — or maybe we need to recenter ourselves, to recenter the parts of our lives around something immovable, unshakeable, and unchangeable? And maybe — no, definitely — the Bible has the center of gravity we need to pull the pieces of our lives together. Join us on the first Sunday of 2022 as we begin a new series in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians!

Love Made from Scratch

John 1:1-18 Carl Sagan once said, “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” The Apostle John never met Carl Sagan – but when it comes to God’s love, he was in full agreement! God loved us “from scratch”! Come find out this second Sunday of the Advent season what that means for us and for our families as we look at the beginning of John’s Gospel together.

Jesus the Great Ophthalmologist

Mark 8:22-26 When do people start looking like trees? When Jesus isn’t finished working on you. This Sunday, we will be taking a look at one of the most unusual miracles Jesus ever performed during His earthly ministry — a miracle that reminds us that He isn’t finished with us, that there is more to see, and that He can open our eyes in ways no one else can. “Jesus, the Great…Ophthalmologist?” (or “Is Your Vision 2020?”)