Sermons from November 2023

Sermons from November 2023

He Rewrites Our Past

John 21 (ESV) After 3.5 years, we’ve finally come to our last text in the Gospel of John. There is still one piece of unfinished business that John has to wrap up, and it involves Peter and a charcoal fire. As he wraps up Peter’s story, what does John want his readers to really know before they leave his book? Join us this Sunday as we explore this last great text from John’s Gospel.

What Are You Hoping For?

Isaiah 54:1-3. What role does hope play in your life? Do you ever allow yourself to dream? Do you believe God has a glorious future for you? If you are honest, I’m sure many of us would admit that it didn’t take long for the idealistic dreams of youth to be dashed upon the unforgiving bedrock of reality. Perhaps you’ve lost your ability to dream. “What are you hoping for?” now strikes the cynical cord of despair –“why” hope at all? Who dares hope against hope? In chapter 54, the prophet Isaiah resurrects Israel’s hope in the darkest days of her history, when the land was devastated and desecrated and her children taken into exile. Come and see how God’s people, once battered and beaten break forth into resounding jubilation.

Mission From His Wounds

John 20:19-23 This week in John, we pick up the narrative on the evening of that first Easter, where ironically, the apostles (ie. “sent ones”) have locked themselves inside a room. And, Jesus appears! He pronounces peace to them, shows them his wounds, and pronounces peace again. He then sends them on mission. Join us this Sunday as we explore what has been called “John’s Great Commission.