Special Messages

Special Messages

Celebrating Christmas Well

Luke 2:1-12 Merry Christmas! The day is finally here to celebrate our Lord and Savior’s birth! The waiting is over and we can celebrate! But, will we celebrate well? To answer that question, it seems to me that if we explore all the characters on the guest list for that first Christmas, it will help us determine if we will celebrate Christmas well. Join us this Sunday at 10:00 for a time of singing Christmas carols and walking through the Who’s Who of the Christmas story.

Life Together Again

Ephesians 2:21-22 After a difficult year of not being together in our building, we are finally back this Sunday! We invite you to come out as we celebrate life together again in our building. We will take a stroll backward and lament together the difficulties of the past year. We will then look forward to what life together will look like as a church family. There will also be a time of body life so we can hear from you about what you are looking forward to moving forward together. The culmination of the morning will be communion together as a church family.

The Country of Marriage

As we come to the subject of marriage this morning, I am conscious of the fact that we have single as well as married people present among us. I work with singles and I love them. But marriage is under an all-out attack. Therefore, whether one is a Christian or not, it is good for us to talk about this subject from time to time. My hope is that we might encourage your marriage and help you see it in…
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