Acts: Life Unleashed (Page 3)

Acts: Life Unleashed (Page 3)

The Wind Blows in Cyprus

Acts 13:4-12 In this week’s text we come to a historic moment in the history of the church, when Paul, Barnabas and John Mark set sail for Cyprus on the first missionary journey. Up until now evangelism was the spontaneous, less-systematic work of individuals. But now the task of missions will be intentional and strategic, following the lead of the Spirit coupled with wise strategy. Straight away we will discover the pattern of outreach that will be repeated in place after place. We will see the power of prayer to open doors, the approach Paul takes with politicians, the inevitability of fierce and sometimes violent attacks, and the relentless power and authority of the Holy Spirit to overcome all opposition. As Paul writes to the Thessalonians, “our gospel came to you not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction”. (1 Thes 1:5)

Acts of the Body

As we have been learning in our studies of the Book of Acts, Stephen and Philip were engaged in social ministry caring for the poor and the marginalized before their evangelism ministry (6:8-15; 8:5-40). Barnabas and Saul followed the same pattern, demonstrating their godly character by caring for needy disciples before being sent out on their mission of evangelizing the greater world. In the last few weeks God has done wonderful things among our people through the ministry in King City and Service Sunday. This Sunday we will have the privilege of hearing testimonies from you, those in our body, on the work God has done in you and through you. So come prepared to share. We will conclude our time with the feast of the Lord’s Supper.

Setting Our Sails into the Wind – Part 2

Acts 12:25 – 13:4 This week we begin an eight-week series following Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey in the book of Acts. It is a historic moment in the history of the church. As Luke has shown how God was faithful to his promises by restoring a faithful Israel in Jerusalem, now in the person of Paul, he demonstrates how God is calling out for himself a people from among the nations – the ultimate goal of salvation history. As we travel along with Paul and Barnabas, I have three goals in mind: That we have a greater appreciation for our apostolic foundation and the price they paid that we might be full heirs of the gospel of Christ That we will come to understand the vital role of the Spirit for mission and personal evangelism That our hearts be transformed to have a passion for God’s mission for the world