Sermons on John

Sermons on John

Listening to Jesus Pray For Us #3

John 17 This Sunday, we return to John 17 for the third of four Sundays. I invite you once again to listen to Jesus, the Son of God, open his heart to God the Father. This week we come to maybe the most astounding desire of Jesus’ heart, our inclusion in the life and love of the Trinitarian God! Jesus prays that we, his given ones, not only be one like the oneness of the Trinity, but that we be one in the oneness of the Trinity. And, as I have said before, you can’t get closer than in! Join us this Sunday as we explore the many facets of being included “in” the life and love of the trinitarian God.

Listening to Jesus Pray For Us #2

John 17 This Sunday, we return to John 17 for the second of four Sundays. This is some of the most sacred space in all of the universe as we listen to Jesus, the Son of God, open his heart to God the Father. Here, the incarnate God prays to God! It is indeed sacred space! And, as we did last Sunday, we will once again listen to Jesus pray while asking the question, “What does Jesus desire?” Join us this Sunday as we continue our exploration of this magnificent text.

Listening to Jesus Pray For Us #1

John 17 This Sunday, we will enter back into the Gospel of John, in the ever-growing shadow of the cross. We will spend the next four Sundays listening to Jesus pray for us in John 17. This chapter has been given many names through the years from “The High Priestly Prayer” to “The Holy of Holies” to “The Conversation at the Center of the Universe.” Regardless of what we call it, it is this text where we hear the deepest desires of Jesus’ heart, prayed the night before he goes to the cross. This is indeed holy ground. Join us this Sunday as we begin our exploration of this magnificent text.

I Have Overcome!

John 16:29-33 This Sunday we return to the Gospel of John where we find ourselves at the end of the main section of the upper room discourse. Those first disciples will have their worlds turned upside-down in only a few hours, so Jesus wants to encourage them. He tells them that even though they will face hardship, they can be assured that he has – and will – overcome the world. For us today in the midst of hardship, Jesus has overcome, is on the throne of the universe and is coming back one day. So we can have courage to live the Jesus way now, because the future is not up for grabs. Jesus has overcome!

From Sorrow to Joy

John 16:16-28 As we have been walking through the upper room discourse in John, we’ve spent much of our time learning about the Holy Spirit, the one whom Jesus calls the Paraclete. As Jesus brings his discourse to a close, he spends considerable time sharing about two great gifts the Holy Spirit brings: joy and peace. In our text this week, Jesus says that our sorrow will be transformed into joy, and no one will take this joy from us. What incredible words! Where in your life has the Spirit given you joy, maybe even through sorrow or in the midst of sorrow? At the end of our service, we will have a time of Body Life, so we can hear how the Spirit is working in you, the PBCC body, right now.

The Spirit & The World Part 2

John 16:1-15 As we continue our studies in the Upper Room Discourse, this week’s text is a continuation from last week. Jesus re-states his comments about the persecution his disciples will receive from the world simply because they abide in him. And, in the midst of this persecution, Jesus says the Holy Spirit will continue to work by convicting the world and by helping his disciples. Join us as we hear Jesus give more clarification regarding the Spirit and the world.

The Spirit & The World Part 1

John 15:17-27 Here in the west, we mostly live to be comfortable. In this week’s text from the upper room discourse, we find Jesus describing life along his way as anything but comfortable. In fact, he says that life along his way will be characterized by being hated and being persecuted. So, how will we make it along his way? With the help of the blessed paraclete. Join us this Sunday as we return to more teaching about our friend, the paraclete.

I Am the Vine

John 15:1-11 We will continue our studies in the Gospel of John this Sunday, where we will explore a text that sits at the very center of our faith. Jesus says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit.” It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this text for understanding the nature of our faith. Join us on Sunday as we discover what it means to be in Jesus, what it means to abide and what it means to bear fruit. And, we will have a dramatic recitation of this wonderful text by Jeremy Jones.

Life in the Spirit

John 14:25-31 This Sunday, we return to the Gospel of John where Jesus will teach us more about the Holy Spirit. Here at PBCC, one of our family values is “Life in the Spirit.” On our website, we say the Spirit “is who connects us to Jesus, enables us to know him and empowers us to make him known.” After exploring this text, we may need to re-word that description because the Spirit is doing much more than what we have listed there. Join us Sunday as we learn more about the ministry and effect of the Holy Spirit.

A Friend For The Jesus Way

John 14:15-24 Join us this Sunday, as I share with you about a friend of mine. We have been friends for a few decades now. I try to make time for my friend on a regular basis, and when I do, my friend provides strength and joy and peace and wisdom and comfort to me. The really great thing about this friend is he is always with me and never leaves me. I am of course speaking about the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. He is the friend we have with us on the Jesus Way.

Life Along the Jesus Way

John 14:6-14 Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, the only way to the Father. I invite you to follow me on my way. I invite you to do life the way I do life, because the way I do life is truth and is life.” So, what can we expect if we choose to follow Jesus on his way? What can we expect along His way to the Father? Join us this Sunday as we explore Jesus’ initial words for what life looks like along his way.