Sermons by Ryan Hinn (Page 2)

Sermons by Ryan Hinn (Page 2)

Extravagant Mercy

Luke 18:9-14 “Two men walked into a church…” This is the case in this week’s parable. One man will look at the other and see a joke of a man. The other, looking in the mirror, would agree. He had nothing to bring into the house of God that would be of any value. So, that’s what he brings…nothing! And the joke ends up being on the first guy! He gets rejected and the joke of a man is accepted! The lenses God uses to read the applications and resumes of humans for entry into His Kingdom is vastly different than the lenses used on us as we apply for schools and jobs. Come this Sunday as we will celebrate that the resume God receives and stamps-“righteous”- is the one from the person who recognizes his or her own sinfulness!

A Faith That Prays

Luke 18:1-8 “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Our parable this week ends with this question. The first part is a guarantee: Jesus will return. The second, “will he find faith on earth,” is not a guarantee. This is intended to make Jesus’ first hearers, and us today, Luke’s readers, feel a bit unsettled. This Sunday we will follow Jesus in the telling of a usual story of a widow and a judge, through the unexpected twist and turns between the two, ultimately being left with the unsettling question: “will he find faith on earth.” What is potentially more unsettling? Jesus is wondering if he will find those whose faith is characterized by persistent prayer. Be praying now that the Lord will give you eyes to see and ears to hear how the Lord wants to draw you nearer to him in your faith as one who prays!

Are We Finally There!?

Josh 8:30-35 “Are we finally there!?” This is often the question that follows the “Are we there yet?” question in most long family car rides. While the Israelites and Joshua have come a long way, they still aren’t ‘there’ when it comes to fully inheriting the Promised Land. This Sunday, our final Sunday in the Joshua series for 2018, we will see Joshua lead the people in a covenantal renewal ceremony of sorts, before they continue the conquest of the land. We, like the Israelites, are in daily need of renewal. The good news is, we have good news!! In Jesus and the omnipresent Spirit, we have all we need at our disposal to be daily renewed and to arrive ‘there,’ living in the Presence of our King!

Final Preparations

Josh 5:1-15 “Let’s get the show on the road,” many of the Israelites must have been thinking after Joshua 4. However, “Not so fast,” is the Lord’s reply. The pause button remains pressed as there are some final — and critical — preparations that must be made before the conquest of the land can officially begin.

What Happened There?

Josh 4 So the journey across the Jordan is complete but there remains work to be done before the conquest of the land begins. The Lord knows the forgetfulness of His people and wants to help them install a “Never Forget The Jordan River Wonder” memorial before He continues to work Wonders. None of us can see into the future, but we can all look back into the past to see how God has worked to provide us with hope in the present and the future. What are those moments in your life’s past where you can see God’s wondrous hands at work?

Who’s There?

Josh 2:1-24 We have spent the first two weeks of our series watching the Lord build up and prepare Joshua for his calling of leading the people into the Promised Land. If Joshua commits to following the Book of the Law, the Lord will be his companion in fulfilling his calling. But, who will be joining Joshua in entering the Promised Land? This week we will see an unlikely addition into those who get to follow Joshua into the Promised Land! This addition to God’s family is Good News for us all!

Where Is There?

Josh 1:6-9 Last week we saw the Lord promise to be present with Joshua as He was with Moses. We wrestled with questions like “where is ‘there’?” and wondered if that’s even the right question to be asking!? So, are we there yet? Come this Sunday as we continue to journey with Joshua!

Are We There Yet?

Josh 1:1-5 As a father of young children, this is a question I’ve grown accustomed to hearing. However, isn’t it also a question many adults wrestle with as well? Maybe we don’t ask it with regards to ETA’s on family vacations, but isn’t it easy to get stuck asking this question with regards to certain life phases? Maybe it’s awaiting news from a doctor, or a job situation, or your relational status. Whatever the case may be, when we find ourselves in seasons of uncertainty or transition, we tend to rely on arriving “there” to solve our unsettledness. On this first Sunday of the series, we will see God call on His newly appointed leader, Joshua, to lead the people into the Promised Land. But, we also see God make a promise to Joshua that is even more important than his calling as Israel’s new leader, and that is His Promised Presence.

The Means to Freedom

Gal 5:16-25 Do you at times struggle with feeling “enslaved by religion,” the do’s and don’ts, even though your brain knows you shouldn’t? Surely there must be a different way to Christian living that would yield a life that actually “feels” freeing instead of simply “looking” free on the outside… right? Join us this Sunday as we see Paul’s roadmap to a life of being #free2live!

Words That Bless

1 Pet 3:8-12 We return to our series in 1 Peter this Sunday and the reminder that his audience had little or no power to change their less than ideal circumstances. So Peter turned their focus to the one thing they always had control over: their words. Words are a powerful force that have the ability to unify or divide. They can either strengthen or damage one’s witness for Jesus. Peter issues the challenge to his readers to always use their words as instruments of blessing. It seems fair to say the same challenge could be issued to us today!

Submitting, Suffering, & Serving: The New Way Forward

1 Pet 2:18-25 “That’s not fair!” Something we’ve all thought time and time again. “Life’s not fair” is a reality we try to teach our children, yet it’s also a reality we struggle to accept even as adults. Jesus had every right on numerous accounts to speak up in his own defense with, “That’s not fair.” But He didn’t. He accepted unjust punishment and suffered an unjust death. This was the model He left for us. How can a passage in Peter that speaks to household servants teach us to better represent Jesus 2000 years later? What does it look like? Here’s a hint from Peter: See the “Suffering Servant” passages from Isaiah 53 for the blueprint to follow!

What Are You Waiting For?

Luke 2:25-35 “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace.” These are the words spoken by Simeon upon holding a 40-day old baby Jesus. He didn’t know how the Lord would bring an end to the waiting, but as soon as he beheld the Baby, he knew his waiting was over! We have become accustomed to waiting as well. We wait for many things. We wait for Christmas morning and the giving and receiving of gifts. We wait for a spouse. We wait for a house. We wait for promotions or new job opportunities. But do we wait for the Messiah like Simeon? We are reminded in this season that the greatest gift ever given came on a Christmas over 2000 years ago. He came then. He will come again! Most of the gifts we give and receive this Christmas will be out of our lives within 5 years… or even 1 year. But the gift of Grace that came in the Baby, that gift will never be rendered obsolete! What are you waiting for this Christmas? Join us this Sunday as we will all gather together as His family (from kindergartners on up) and continue to prepare for the coming of the King!