Marc and Suzanne Jacobson

Marc and Suzanne Jacobson


Our ministry among the Abaknon People in the Philippines has spanned 40+ years,
and now, in semi-retirement, focuses on the Inabaknon Heritage Society. IHS is a local nonprofit which pursues discipleship in three ways—
First: Intentional Christian communities for Abaknon students (in Capul Town, Manila, and Waxhaw, NC).
Second: High school tutoring, Bible studies an caring for the sick and the poor.
Third: continuing Old Testament translation. The IHS is committed to a vision of nurturing Abaknon Christians to hear God’s Word, know God’s Son, and live God’s Way.


● For Phia and Jero (tutors), and for new dorm parents (yet to be hired) as they lead the Dorm at the IHS Center. The past school year was quite difficult, and learning via “modules” may well continue through 2022. Please ask for wisdom, love and perseverance both in tutoring and discipling.
● The Agata Scholars House in Manila has only 11 students this year, and an eldely patient and his wife remain after his surgery, awaiting further radiation therapy. Zoom is helping Marc stay connected and the older students have accepted increased responsibility for discipling younger ones. Pray that Marc can soon travel to the Philippines.
● The intentional Christian community in Waxhaw, delayed by Covid, has begun! David and John Fritz are living with Marc and Suzanne and have begun classes. Jose, Rico and Emie may come in December.


Specifics for praying and doing are in an email update sent every six weeks. Email Marc to be included.


● Are there used laptops available at your place of work if donated to schools overseas? Become our interface. Our tutors are always short of laptops.
● Also, they are still looking for good books, especially those about sports (stories or skills), math and speaking English, suitable for 10-15 year olds.
● Checks payable to:
Missionary Support Services, Inc. PO Box 2097, Mount Vernon, OH 43050-7297


The IHS team requires outside help with scholarships and care of the poor. Could you fund a student living in an IHS intentional Christian community? Could you help the IHS provide rice for a student’s family (so that the student remains in school) or medical care for the poor?

Ministry Partner
Steve & Erica Lawry
Ministry Partner
Jim Foster