Jim Foster

Jim Foster


The Lord’s Army is a movement that was born within the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1923 through a priest named Iosif Trifa. The movement’s name was inspired by 2 Timothy 2:3. “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” We are evangelicals who focus on equipping the saints for ministry through preaching and teaching locally, regionally and nationally in a myriad of venues that include churches, cathedrals, community centers, cemeteries, camps, hospitals homes and prisons. My wife Nelly grew up in the movement during communism and is a biology teacher. She was also the principal of our local school (preschool- 8th grade) for the last 16 years. We met in 1990 during my third mission trip and were married in 1992 when I moved to Romania. Since then, I have been involved in a full time teaching ministry, preaching around 60 times a year, leading bible studies and serving on the faculty of our national bible school as well as being a member of our national leadership committee, similar to a Board of Elders.


  • For a fresh movement of God’s Spirit through this strategically placed ministry in a church and country where Orthodoxy, practically speaking, is more cultural than it is biblical and more like a badge than a burden for souls.
  • For unity within the movement as the “powers that be” work intentionally and unceasingly to either assimilate or divide us.


  • Contact the church office to get on our mailing list
  • Contact me if you like. I would be delighted to know you and answer any questions that you might have.
  • Consider visiting us in order to get the big picture.


Finances are the most practical. In the past computers and a myriad of film production equipment and didactic tools for the school have been donated.

Make checks to Jim Foster and specify (special projects).


Helping people in need or funding diverse projects. For example, our meetinghouse in Sâmbăteni needs a new roof. We design and distribute a monthly magazine, publish books, produce films, maintain a website and do live video transmissions of all our major gatherings around the country. The audio portion of our Sunday services in Sâmbăteni are transmitted each week via the Internet with a listening audience comprised of Lord’s Army folks in Romania, across Europe and in Canada. 

Ministry Partner
Marc and Suzanne Jacobson
Ministry Partner
Luke and Megan Bryant