Steve & Erica Lawry

Steve & Erica Lawry


Parakaleo Christian Ministries – at Stanford and Beyond
Full-time staff Steve & Erica Lawry just completed their 46th year of serving both undergraduate and graduate students, both nationals and internationals, at Stanford University. Their purpose is to guide believers to biblical answers to the nitty-gritty issues of their own lives and equip them with practical scriptural wisdom for others who open up to them throughout their professional and personal lives. Steve & Erica accomplish this through biblical teaching, mentoring and counseling students, presenting issues seminars, serving as a resource to other Christian groups on campus, also developing and publishing teaching materials from the Biblical Counseling Course they teach at Stanford.


  • for continuing fruitful ministry with national and international students and alumni, equipping them to study the bible for themselves and encouraging them to share it and its wisdom for the practical issues of life in their developing personal ministries to others
  • as they continue in-depth study through Ephesians with strong focus on building healthy God-centered relationships with real people (roommates, friends, colleagues, dating partners, etc.) now moving into the specifics of marriage, family and workplace
  • for wisdom for the Parakaleo student leaders as they pray and plan with Steve & Erica both for this summer and for next year’s ministry on campus
  • for connecting with new students who are poised to benefit and grow through the Parakaleo ministry (rebuilding after the long distance virtual world of sheltering in)
  • for much progress on drafting and editing materials for teaching and publication.


  • praying for the ministry as you are updated by subscribing to ePraise/Prayer
  • signing up to receive occasional mail out prayer letter ministry reports (one or more times per year — not the same as ePraise/Prayer) and included published materials
  • joining the Parakaleo PALS (Prayer And Logistical Support) Team which:
    • meets with Steve & Erica periodically to hear about and pray for the ministry
    • helps with administrative tasks, e.g., data mgt., receipts, websites, computers
    • processes occasional prayer letters and publication materials for mailing
    • helps with transcribing and editing teaching materials for publication
    • has occasional work days for maintenance, repairs, yard clean-up, etc.


Make checks payable to: Parakaleo Christian Ministries and mail to:
Parakaleo Christian Ministries
P.O. Box 20462
Stanford, CA 94309-0462
Or donate via PayPal through our website
(Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law under IRS sec. 501(c)3.)


  • to print large volumes of teaching materials and publications
  • host many students for meals in the Lawry’s home
  • provide support for Steve & Erica as they serve full-time, both past “normal” retirement age with almost no provision for such from the ministry to date
Ministry Partner
Pat and Ziggy Lew
Ministry Partner
Marc and Suzanne Jacobson