Julia Burkhead

Julia Burkhead


I’m a mid-career professional who has worked 20 years in nonprofit self-sufficiency services for homeless and low-income families. I moved to Tunis, Tunisia in April 2021 to serve as Director of Projects for a Christian organization that provides technical support for community development programs serving marginalized people groups.

I spent six months brushing up my high school French and intensively studying the local Arabic dialect. Now I’m leading a team of 10, from 9 different countries, bringing hope and justice to vulnerable communities through projects promoting economic empowerment for rural women, juvenile justice diversion, domestic violence prevention, sustainable agricultural practices, and civil society capacity building.


  • Please pray for my acculturation process as I settle into my new home, building my language capacity in Tunisian Arabic and French, and developing relationships with my neighbors and teammates.
  • Please pray for my local partner organization, which has experienced a lot of staff turnover this year. We thank the Lord for a fully-staffed Directors Team with complementary skills. We ask His guidance for how we can continue to serve our constituents effectively during this time of transition. We look to Him in confidence that He will use this time to open new doors for the advancement of the Good News.
  • Please pray for the indigenous church in Tunisia, which still operates largely underground. Religious gatherings at sites that are not officially registered as houses of worship are illegal. The half-dozen-or-so authorized churches in this country of 12 Million are those run by and serving the expatriate community. My Tunisian colleagues have shared stories of being arrested for carrying a Bible in public, or for having multiple Bibles in a backpack (a sign that they might have been planning to give one to someone else). Despite the government’s efforts, the Holy Spirit is moving here, especially among the youth. Pray that local believers would be bold in sharing about the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that the global church would provide wise and discerning support for local efforts.


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one-time costs associated with training, moving, and setting up my new home in Tunis. For monthly salary and benefits (health/retirement).

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