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Call for Art: And God was With Us

This online exhibit will take place during the 2020 Advent Season and will feature art that reflects on the times and occasions in 2020 when the participating artists will have been aware of God’s presence and working in their lives.  Interested artists are encouraged to create their artist response to these moments during or shortly after they occur.  The current COVID-19 crisis will surely be a time when many of us will be experiencing Immanuel – God with us. The dates of…

Fall Festival

Mark your calendars for a Drive-thru Fall Festival on October 31, from 4-5pm! This will be a fun and free family event! Your kids can wear costumes – we’ll be taking polaroid pics for you to keep. As you drive through the parking lot, you’ll stop at several stations, open your car door/window, and your kids will play a game, watch a skit, or receive a goody bag.  A bunch of youth are volunteering at this event – super fun! You’ll stay in your cars at…