Jim Ross

Jim Ross

My family came to know the Lord through PBC when I was around 9. When I went to college I met my wife Cristy and we felt like the Lord was leading us to do missions. Now, 22 years later, we continue to serve in missions and our focus is helping orphaned and suffering children in some of the poorest places of the poorest countries in the world. I am currently serving with New Horizons Foundation in a ministry called TheVeryLast (Mark 9:35) helping children in 6 countries: three in Africa, two in Asia, and one in the Carribean.

The heart of the ministry is that the orphans and vulnerable children we are reaching would thrive as their physical and educational needs are met and as they learn about and experience God’s great love for them. Then, as they grow, God would use them to change the lives of many hurting people in their own countries. We would love your prayers that these children and youth we are reaching would truly become Jesus’ disciples and have amazing impacts in and among the suffering in their own countries.

If you would like to be a part of our team, either our support team or helping orphaned and suffering children, the best way to do so is to email me at jimr@theverylast.org. I would love to set up a time to talk and answer any questions you might have. New Horizons Foundation uses 5% of all donations for the banking and administrative costs of the ministry and 95% of the donations go to our support or is wired to the ministries overseas.

We have two websites but the information on the sites is very limited due to the safety issues of the children and leaders involved overseas.
● theLAST (andthelastshallbefirst.org)
If you would like to get involved financially (or prayerfully) the best first step is to contact me by email at jimr@theverylast.org.

Donations to my ministry are used to provide food, medication, education,
discipleship and university scholarships for orphans and extreme at-risk
children in six countries: Liberia, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe,
Haiti, Cambodia, and India.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
With much love,
Jim (and Cristy, Samuel, Lily and Rose)

Ministry Partner
Z Family
Missionary Partner
Kevin and Courtney Patao