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Family Resources

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God’s Design for Sex & Our Bodies

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Kids & Anxiety Forum

A forum series designed to support those who live and work with kids, based on what we’ve heard from parents about their kids’ anxiety/stress. Denise Salin talks about what degree of anxiety is “normal,” how to help kids of all ages manage their emotions, and how to help kids “re-enter” as they head back to school, church and other activities.

Session 1 recording: Kids & Anxiety 

Session 2 recording: Kids 6 and under

Session 3 recording: Kids 7+

Presentation slides:
Understanding and Helping Children With Anxiety

Handouts and links:
How to Help a Child Struggling With Anxiety
Understanding Anxiety in Children and Teens
Getting a Picture of Your Child’s Temperament
Is Your Child Highly Sensitive Quiz

Summer 2020 Parenting Series

Denise Salin and Bunnie Ziegler led a Summer Parenting Series for moms and dads. Use the links below to access recordings and resources from previous classes.

Resources for Remote Learning at challenge

Coffee Talk Materials

Coffee Talk is a virtual event for moms with young kids. Click below for recordings and resources from previous Coffee Talks.

Stress and Resilience with Denise Salin May 18, 2020