Grace Village

Grace Village

What is Grace Village?

This ministry provides community housing to support women and mothers with children who are working toward becoming self-sufficient. Grace Village seeks to provide a safe home for victims of domestic violence.

What Would I be Doing?

You would be aiding in the renovation of an apartment unit. This would include tasks such as demolition, plumbing, flooring, painting, meal-prep, interior decoration, etc.

No experience is required!

How Can I Get Involved?

You can get involved by clicking on this link.

Progress Updates

Demolition July 23rd.

Thank you so much to our volunteer demolition team who were able to, first, remove the carpet and closet hardware from the bedroom. Second, remove the vanity cabinet and sink from the bathroom. Third, remove all kitchen cabinets, countertops, and the sink from the kitchen as well as all carpet from the kitchen and living room. Lastly, remove all interior doors and framing. Once again, thank you to our volunteers for doing this necessary work!

Demolition July 30th.

Thank you so much to our second volunteer demolition team! They were able to finish the demolition component for the project. Now that the old has been removed, we can bring in the new! If you would like to be a part of the renovation process, click here. Once again, thank you so much to both of our demolition teams!

Primer Painting August 6th.

Thank you very much to our primer painting volunteer team! This involved taping the windows, the thermostat, and everywhere else that paint might get into. Once the taping was completed, they applied paint on the ceiling and walls throughout the apartment! Lastly, the shower tiles within the apartment were cleaned. Once again, thank you so much to our volunteers!

Underlayment August 13th.

Thank you very much to our underlayment volunteer team! Almost all of the underlayment installation in the apartment was completed! This includes areas such as the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Once again, thank you so much to all of our volunteers for making this happen!

Sheetrock August 20th & August 27th

Thank you so very much to our wonderful Sheetrock teams! Almost all of the Sheetrocking is complete, which would not be possible without our incredible volunteers. If you would like to be a part of this meaningful work, volunteer here! Once again, thank you so much to our volunteer Sheetrocking teams!

Tape & Mud Day#1 September 24th & Oct 1st

Thank you so much to our amazing Tape & Mud team! 10 volunteers were able to essentially install the tape and mud on practically all of the installed sheetrock! There is still work to be done but a large portion of work was accomplished. As always, thank you so much to our incredible volunteers!

Texturing – Oct 15th & 22nd

Thank you so much to our amazing Texturing team. 8 volunteers were able to texture all the walls. The sheetrock phase is completed! We were able to hang 4 doors and put in window trims. Once again, thank you to our incredible volunteers and all the volunteers who have been providing lunches.

Door Installation & Some Painting – Oct 29th

Thank you team for installing the remaining doors and window casings, filling the nail holes, painting the kitchen to get it ready for kitchen cabinet installation. The bathroom had a coat of primer paint. Next week is all sanding in preparation for spray painting all the trims, casing and doors. Once again, thank you to our incredible volunteers and all the volunteers who have been providing lunches.

Painting – Nov 12th

While the men were at the Men’s Retreat, the women volunteers painted unit 5 and scrub the shower stall clean. Unit 5 looks beautiful with a fresh coat of paint. Thank you ladies for volunteering.

Flooring & Baseboards – Dec 3rd

On November 19th, the kitchen cabinets were installed making way for the floor and baseboard installation on Dec 3rd. Thank you team for installing the floor and baseboards. You manage not to get in each others way. The cabinet and floor looks beautiful. Thank you to the lunch team for providing a delicious lunch. Next for Dec 10th and Dec 17th – complete floor installation, painting baseboards, install knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets, install the interior doors and others. Furnitures will be delivered and installed on Dec 20th. Thank you again to all the volunteers for making this possible.

Shelving, Kitchen, Cleaning – Dec 17th

Thank you so much for the amazing team. They installed shelving in the 4 closets; clean the bedroom floors, windows, shower stall and kitchen cabinets, populating kitchen with utensils, plates, cups etc. , sanded and spray paint the security gate; and install furnace cover and thermostat.  Great teamwork everyone.  Thank you to the lunch team for feeding us.  Stay tune for video of unit 5 with furnitures.

Furnitures Delivered – Dec 22nd

We are very close to complete unit 5 renovation. Furnitures are delivered and assembled. On Dec 22nd a handful of us were there to complete the plumbing fixtures, make the beds, install the range hood, furnace now working and THE shower stall cleaning. Next up – picture hanging, re-grout shower stall, minor repairs to the shower tiles and painting the exterior doors. Stay tune for video on January 7 or thereabouts. Praise God for all the volunteers who have made this possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the PBCC Grace Village Core Team.

Getting Closer – Jan 7th

On January 7th a handful of us put up the window blinds, pictures, security door, towel hangers and continue to prep the shower stall for grouting. What remains are re-grouting the shower stall, painting the exterior door, securing the plumbing under unit 5 and cleanup. We hope to turn over unit 5 to City team before the end of January.