Restorations in the Workshop

Restorations in the Workshop

It is well known that I am the pastor shepherd over the music ministry at our church. I have the privilege of not only working with an incredible group of talented musicians, but also the joy of sharing life and music with them as well. 

What may not be so well known is that I also work with their instruments too. With only a few exceptions, I have worked or repaired many at our church including my own. What started out as a need to make instruments playable for our youth ministry has tuned into a unique way to connect, love and bless player and the listener. 

Some of the instruments I’ve worked on need minor adjustments, some need full restoration, but all must go into the workshop for an undetermined period of time. It is there that the instrument temporarily stops making music and things get evaluated, examined and made right so it will one day be restored to its full potential. 

What if we were to look at the past 9 weeks of sheltering in place as a metaphor of God doing the same thing with us, His instruments of love? While we remain in God’s workshop a little longer, let’s consider the work in us that needs to be evaluated, examined and made right so that we will one day love again to our full potential.

It could be as simple as not allowing a glowing screen to take priority over a glowing human face. And let’s not dismiss the irony of this year being 2020. Could it be that God is reminding us that “hindsight is 2020” and that He is revealing His best workshop restorations in the people He loves?

As a gift to a dear elder who moved recently out of state, I restored a vintage acoustic guitar that was in bad shape from many High School Mexicali trips. 

On the headstock of the guitar I inscribed this verse …

“Wake up, my soul, wake up, string instrument and harp. I will wake the dawn with my song”. (Ps 57:8)

It’s almost time to leave the workshop … sing well everyone.