Tuesday Evenings in the Psalms

Finding Your Voice and God’s Heart in the Psalms
Tuesday evenings 7:00—8:45 pm in Fellowship Hall
01/09/2018 through 06/12/2018
Led by Brian Morgan and friends


Join us for an evening of worship, prayer, teaching, and poetry as we continue our pilgrimage through the book of Psalms. Last year we began our journey in Psalm 1 and ended with Psalm 24. Each week was filled with delight and wonder as we discovered fresh insights from the Psalms, new voices emerging in our community, and God’s presence drawing near. This is not an academic class, but an invitation to cultivate weekly devotion to God and openness with one another by saturating ourselves in the Psalms. All are welcome and you may join us anytime during the year, as regular attendance is not required.


Sedona Retreat

Psalms and Poetry Women’s Retreat in Sedona, Arizona: When Grief Gets a Voice, March 9-10, 2018
Brian Morgan, James Garcia and their colleagues, Karen Dabaghian, Elsie Kirchhofer, Lynn Gibson and Kristen Chen led a women’s retreat unpacking David’s Psalms as a model for our personal grief and unrelenting sorrow. Jetta Meyer, our host and organizer, sent out invitations to 20 different churches, including many women from Navajo tribe. The exposition of the psalms, James’ music and our colleagues’ vulnerability in their stories and poems found fertile soil in the hearts of the women of Sedona, and reaped a harvest on Saturday as they bravely shared their laments for three hours.