I AM within the Psalm

I AM within the Psalm

I Am Within the Psalm

For many, including myself, the book of psalms has been a place of refuge. I’ve been fortunate to ride on the coattails of my friend and fellow pastor Brian Morgan, leading psalms retreats not only in our church but around the world. Although locations of these retreats constantly vary, the one thing that always remains the same in all the participants, is the discovery of God and self within the psalms.

That continuing pattern is what led me to write the song “I AM within the Psalm”. The great “I AM” within the psalm speaks to everything “I am” within me and everything within you. It is no wonder Jesus would quote the psalms modeling for us the importance of reading the psalter.

As we hear the many voices of today telling us what our next moves should be, consider the counsel of the Psalms and the counsel of those who do the same. Each skillfully composed line holds a Holy mysterious love language of our deepest needs and His final word which God owns.

Yes, He owns the final word, and the silence after.

May you find both in the attached song below.