Hannah is My Name

Hannah is My Name

Today I have the honor of posting a poem written by a beautiful woman in our body. In the poem, she shares a part of her heart and journey. As you read, may the Lord speak to you of His faithfulness, grace and strength.

Hannah is My Name

My Faithful God Will Never Let Me Go

August 14, 2020
Hannah is my name
Grace favored 
From the one who saves
Comes incredible gift

You have pulled me out
From the wreckage
Now for me to live
Is Christ

You have pulled me in
To the Godhead
My identity
Is in Christ

The waves of chaos threaten again
The rioter knocks at my door
The fear that grabs and clenches my throat
Is of being swallowed up once more

You are my song and my shield
You gave strong arms to hold me
To keep me from getting lost
To keep me from being swept away

So what shall I do but rejoice
What shall I do but serve you
What shall I do but love you
And trust in the sure safety you made for me

I hold your strong hand as I hold his
For me your delight is great
For me your love is relentless
For me your protection is fierce

I know you will never let me go
I know you have never let me go
I know you will never let me go