Embracing the Unreasonable

Embracing the Unreasonable

Last week before our Livestream recording I shared with the gathered worship team the following.

My wife Milann and I are very close to Dave and Linda Doolin. As many of you know, they recently moved to Oregon. The Doolin’s arrived safely, but the moving van and all their possessions were consumed in a firestorm. Everyone on the music team at one time or another have had fellowship in their home. Dave and Linda are the ultimate hosts, welcoming every guest at their front door. Following the welcome into their home, the next thing you would see is a beautiful Baby Grand piano.

As a musician, I couldn’t help the temptation to sit and play even a few notes of that marvelous instrument. I would admire not only the sound, but the craftsmanship that went into its construction as well. What you are looking at below is all that is left of the piano.

As I stared at this picture, I was faced with some questions – How shall I embrace the unreasonable? Should my emotions be fueled by anger? Or because this is truly unreasonable, should I encourage my friends to understand that the only way to make things right is to hold someone accountable? As I watch my dear friends walk through this, the Lord provided answers to my questions. They came through the actions of Dave and Linda as they are living out their lives in their new home. Their new home furnished with a beautiful set of donated lawn chairs as living room furniture, and a donated mattress to sleep on. 

It’s clear to see now, that the most important things made it safely to Oregon, Dave and Linda and their relationship to each other, and the Lord they love.  How many examples in 2020 has God placed in our paths to reveal that our relationship to Him and to others is far more important than our possessions or even how we think things should go. 

When we have a singular perspective fueled by anger, it keeps us from being changed into the people God wants us to be. It keeps us from being content this side of heaven and most importantly, it keeps us from being Christ like.

You see, embracing the unreasonable is the place where our shattering and His shaping meet. So maybe as a reminder we should all display this picture on our refrigerator door with the caption underneath – “2020 – embracing the unreasonable, to become more like Jesus”.