Serve by Giving

Serve by Giving

Serve by Giving

Click Here To Give  for quick giving without the need to log in or to log in and manage your online giving account, recurring gifts and to view online giving reports.  Contact Bob if you have questions. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my egiving donations?

A: You will receive via email a notice to the address you provided that your donation has been processed. PBCC will also issue a written donation receipt on a quarterly basis.

Q: How much of my gift is “lost” in transaction fees?

A: For ACH transfers from your bank account to PBCC, there is a $.25 transaction fee, regardless of size of the donations. Each fund selected when you donate is treated as a separate gift.  For transfers to PBCC from your debit or credit card the $.25 per fund transaction fee also applies PLUS a credit card company fee of 2.7% of the gift amount. PBCC will receive $999.75 of a $1,000.00 gift to a single fund given via ACH transfer from a bank account. That same gift via a debit or credit card will cost $27.25, and PBCC will receive $972.75.

Q: If credit card transactions are “less efficient,” why does PBCC provide this option?

A: Credit card giving is provided as an option because this is the preferred way of giving for some folks. PBCC’s desire is that no one go into debt in order to give to the church.

Q: Can I schedule periodic gifts to PBCC?

A: Yes. Follow the options for setting up an account for PBCC. This will give you the option for giving on a weekly or monthly basis or on a particular date. After you set up your account, you can go directly there to make changes in the amount or frequency of gifts, and to give additional one-time gifts.

Q: Why are there options to give to only two missionaries? How can I help support other PBCC missionaries?

A: PBCC is the sending organization for the Fosters, and PBCC and PBC Palo Alto are the sending organizations for the Burgesses, so support for them should be directed to PBCC. All of our other missionaries are under other mission organizations, and support should be sent directly to the appropriate mission organization on their behalf. These organizations will send you a receipt and a return envelope for your next gift. Some of them also have e-giving options. Mission organization information for each missionary is available at the bulletin board at the back of the church.

Q: How secure will our electronic income be?

A: Processing pathways follow PCI compliance and some are SAS-70 audited.’s interface (eGiving Management Tool) is PCI compliant. Funds transfer directly from the giver’s account to the ministry’s account.

Q: Can I give a gift of stock to PBCC?

A: Yes, if you would like to make a stock gift to PBCC, please email Bob Pershe or Kathy Brazelton or call them at 408.366.6690 for our Schwab account information.