Sermon Library (Page 61)

Sermon Library (Page 61)

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The Big Picture

Our service today is shaped around our new window. You’ve had a couple of weeks to look at this window, to figure out what is in it. It has been fun to watch you reading the window, especially to see you reading it with your kids. This window is indeed designed to be read, just like the stained glass windows of the old cathedrals in Europe. The Bible is a story, the great story of God’s involvement with the world…

Three Great Themes: Primacy, Presence, and Promise

This morning here at PBC Cupertino marks a special event for me: this marks the tenth calendar year that I have had the great privilege of preaching at least once a year to this body at PBCC. The first time was in December 1998, and here we are in February 2007. I am thankful beyond words for the opportunity afforded me to come and speak here over these years. So today I want to take you on one of the…