Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman


I’m so excited to be a missionary supported by you all. I grew up going to PBCC from a toddler to a high school senior. From my time working at Ponderosa Lodge at Mount Hermon while I was in college, I fell in love with the mission of leading people one step closer to Jesus while in community. Now that is exactly what I get to do through Young Life.
I am the Area Director for Young Life in Los Gatos, Saratoga, and at Santa Clara University. I oversee a team of about 20 volunteers doing outreach and discipleship to students in middle school, high school, college and at a special needs hospital.
I started volunteering with Young Life in Malibu, CA while I was in college, and when I eventually moved home I started leading with Young Life at SCU. In 2014, I became a staff associate and in 2018 became the Area Director.
Young Life is an international parachurch non-profit organization all about introducing adolescents to Jesus and developing them in their faith, and it has been the biggest joy of my life to have a front row seat to seeing students start relationships with Jesus each year.


I do as much as I can to build friendships with students, but I have discovered that if I empower my team of volunteers to do as much as they can to earn the right to be heard with students, then we can reach many more people. Please pray for us to always have volunteer leaders, mostly young adults, who really want to show students they care about them so students will care when it comes time to tell them about the good news of Jesus. Also, please pray for the students of Los Gatos, Saratoga, and Santa Clara University to come one step closer to Jesus.


Every month, I have to have enough money in our account so financial support is always needed, but beyond that you can donate your time: either by becoming a volunteer leader, helping us with an event for students or adults, or joining our board of local adults who work behind the scenes to make sure Young Life thrives in the community.


If you would like more information on partnering with me in Young Life ministry by joining my prayer team, becoming a leader, joining our local board, or with any questions, please email me at If you’d like to donate, you can do so at the Young Life Website.


I am responsible for fundraising our annual budget of over $140,000 from private
donations. The funds are used to reach students: staff salaries, discounting our summer and weekend camp trips, donuts before school, pizzas at lunch, tickets for leaders to get into sporting events, supplies for our events, and for caring for volunteer leaders.

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