Sunday Elective Classes

Sunday Elective Classes

Life Together

This class was taught January 5 – February 23, 2020 by Shawn Reese. Shawn lead us through the amazing book, Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and we spent time connecting through small group discussion.

1/5: Handout / Slides

1/12: Handout

1/19: Handout

M’Cheyne Bible Reading (1 Year)

M’Cheyne Bible Reading (2 Years)

1/26: Handout

2/2: Handout

2/9: Slides

What We Believe

This class was taught May 7 – July 9, 2017 by Bernard Bell. Using the PBCC doctrinal statement as a springboard, this class provided a venue to ask question: How did we get the Bible and can we trust it?  Is The Shack good or bad theology?  What about the future?  And many more!

Week Date Topic: Concerning… Handouts Audio
1 4/23 Introduction 01-statement
mp3 (1:16:59, 35.1 MB)
  4/30 no class: Service Sunday    
2 5/07 …the Bible–1 03-the Bible mp3 (0:07:17, 3.3 MB)
first 7 mins. only
3 5/14 …the Bible–2 Bible translations mp3 (1:11:10, 32.3 MB)
4 5/21 …God 04-God: Trinity mp3 (1:11:55, 32.7 MB)
5 5/28 …God–2 04-God: Father, Son, Spirit mp3 (1:24:08, 38.2 MB)
6 6/04 …Man and his need 05-Man no recording
7 6/11 …Redemption 06-redemption mp3 (1:20:47, 36.7 MB)
8 6/18 …Redemption (cont.)
…Man’s response to God
9 6/25 …the Christian’s responsibility 08-responsibility  
10 7/02 …the Church 09-church  
11 7/09 …the Future    

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

This class was taught January 11, 2015 – March 29, 2015, by professional counselors from the Christian Counseling Center. It was presented as a series of workshops focusing on nurturing healthy personal relationships. Topics covered included improving communication, resolving conflict, and developing vital skills for marriage as well as parenting adolescents and young children.  Organized by Andy Drake and Sharon Coleman.

[vtftable fols=”{0}0-2:434343;{/}{1}0:000000;{/}” st=”bc:bbbbbb;bt:1;”]
1/11;;;Emotionally Healthy Relationships;;;Mary Jean Walton;;;Relational Styles{;n}My Identity in Christ;nn;
1/18;;;Conscious Communication,{;n}Part 1;;;Harry Motro;;;Emotion Words{;n}Reflective Listening;nn;
1/25;;;Conscious Communication,{;n}Part 2;;;Harry Motro;;; ;nn;
2/1;;;Marriage, part 1;;;Jerry Fihn;;;Love Styles Workshop ;nn;
2/8;;;Marriage, part 2;;;Jerry Fihn;;; ;nn;
2/15;;;Marriage, part 3;;;Jerry Fihn;;; ;nn;
2/22;;;Parenting Adolescents, part 1;;;Tania Choi;;;The Teen Brain ;nn;
3/1;;;Parenting Adolescents, part 2;;;Tania Choi;;;Love and Logic for Teens ;nn;
3/8;;;Parenting Adolescents, part 3;;;Tania Choi;;;De-Triggering the Teenage Parent ;nn;
3/15;;;Love and Logic, Part 1;;;Janie Sacks;;;Empathetic {;n}Two Ways ;nn;
3/22;;;Love and Logic, Part 2;;;Janie Sacks;;;Delayed Consequence{;n}The Energy Drain{;n}Enforceable Statements ;nn;
3/29;;;Love and Logic, Part 3;;;Janie Sacks;;;Sharing Control Through Choices{;n}Guide to Problem Solving{;n}One Liners{;n}Parenting Resources ;nn;[/vtftable] 

Compassion In Action

This class was taught October 5, 2014 – December 21, 2014
An exploration of the beauty and blessing of God’s compassionate love that pervades our spirit and moves us to action.    Led by Andy Drake, Len & Anne Greski.

Date Materials
10/5 SlidesWord StudyInputCompassion RecievedQuestions
10/12 SlidesQuestions
10/19 SlidesQuestionsNeighbor
10/26 SlidesQuestions
11/02 SlidesQuestionsHandoutProjects

Recommended Article:
J.D. Greear on The Key to Radical Generosity:  God Doesn’t Need You

What We Believe:  A Study of the PBCC Doctrinal Statement and of Creeds in General

This class was taught January 5 – March 9, 2003 by Bernard Bell

Notes for the entire class are available in a PDF Booklet available for download.

For examples and a history of creeds visit the Creeds Page.